Function grapher

Enter formula for the function you want to graph. Select desired options.

This is basic version of the service. See also the advanced version.

For example x^2 + sin(10 * x)

X axis range

Angles in

Advanced version of the service plots up to 3 functions in one graph. It also supports polar coordinate system and 3D graphs.

Example functions

  • x^2
  • sin(10 * x)
  • x^2 + sin(10 * x)
  • abs(x-5)

The following operators are available:
+ add, - subtract, * multiply, / divide, ^ or ** power.

Always use round brackets.

Functions can be used, e.g. sin(...), with arguments always written within parentheses.

The most popular functions:

  • sin, cos, tan - trigonometric functions
    (no cotangent - use 1/tan(...) instead)
  • sqrt - square root
  • abs - absolute value (symbol |x| is not supported)
  • exp - the e number to given power
  • log, ln - common and natural logarithm

List of all functions

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Check your personal credit ratings- If you want to boost your credit score as a business owner ensure you do your level best to ensure that all your bills are paid earlier or just before the deadline find you off. Ensure that all your credits are below a 30% rate to be safe with lenders like banks.

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Watch the growth of your credit and use it well- most businesses with admirable credit histories did apply their credit lines earlier and made good use of them. Build your business credit correctly and ensure you make good use of it as a business owner.

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