Function grapher

Enter formula for the function you want to graph. Select desired options.

This is basic version of the service. See also the advanced version.

For example x^2 + sin(10 * x)

X axis range

Angles in

Advanced version of the service plots up to 3 functions in one graph. It also supports polar coordinate system and 3D graphs.

Example functions

  • x^2
  • sin(10 * x)
  • x^2 + sin(10 * x)
  • abs(x-5)

The following operators are available:
+ add, - subtract, * multiply, / divide, ^ or ** power.

Always use round brackets.

Functions can be used, e.g. sin(...), with arguments always written within parentheses.

The most popular functions:

  • sin, cos, tan - trigonometric functions
    (no cotangent - use 1/tan(...) instead)
  • sqrt - square root
  • abs - absolute value (symbol |x| is not supported)
  • exp - the e number to given power
  • log, ln - common and natural logarithm

List of all functions